ASTER for education (Schools, Institutes, Libraries)

Application of ASTER in education:

Teacher, accountant, secretary WorkplaceASTER allows you to create several workplaces for working with MS Office, internet surfing, email, accounting (Certified for compatibility with 1C), etc. It is necessary to only setup up hardware and workplaces, and then install internet browsers. Isolating disks and USB driver between the users can be attained using built-in Windows tools, and ASTER.
Training ClassesASTER is very effective in classrooms, you can create up to 12 workplaces from a single PC. It is important that ASTER is compatible with Classroom Management Programs, like iTalc. ​
​For connecting monitors to the system its possible to use standard video cards with 3-4 outputs, and USB Display cards or wireless connection over Ethernet/​WiFi. For long distance ​ use different extenders.
Important: Workstations should be pre-tested before hand, ​using 30 Days trial. You should also read the recommended hardware selection for large number of workplaces.
Mobile devicesWith ASTER, mobile devices like tablets, smartphones can be used as terminal devices. To do this, you need to install an application like Splashtop or Spacedesk. or you can also use standard remote access programs - once connected, you will be able to use Windows programs on mobile devices and will always be connected to host computer, even while on the road or far away from the main office.

For technical issues, please check our: Technical problems solutions and User Guides

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ASTER for educationASTER for education