Selecting the license type

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How many workplaces do you need?

2 Workplaces:If you do not plan to use ASTER for more than 3 year or change the process/hard disk within the next year, then we recommend Home license, otherwise purchase Pro-2 license.
 **Important!** The home license is an annual subscription license and it can not be transferred to another computer. And, if you renew it or change to Pro-2 license, you do not get any discounts.|
3 Workplaces:For 3 workplaces, you need 2 license - Pro-2 and Pro 1: You need to activate the Pro-2 license first in ASTER then activate Pro-1 so that you get total of 3 workplaces.
4-6 Worplaces:For 4-6 workplaces, you need 2-3 Pro-2 licenses (the number of workplaces is added when you activate multiple licenses on same computer) or one Pro-6 license. Please note that the cost of one Pro-6 license is almost equal to cost of two Pro-2 licenses.
 **Important!** When you have many workplaces from one computer, it will put more load on the system, before adding more workplaces, please read [[..:faq:faq_config#faq_config_configpc|Recommendations for selecting hardware]]. Before buying a license, you should test all workplaces pretested before hand using [[|downloading a 30 Days trial]].|
7-12 Workplaces:
Before making a payment, be sure to include additional workplaces and check their operability on specific hardware and software configuration. A 30 Day trial can be downloaded here :