About My Internet Cafe

I am Kisakye Stephen, a freshman university student in Uganda. I started up an internet café last year in Mubende, my home district in Uganda. I embarrassed desktop computers in the first case, but after studying electrical and hardware bills for a period, I found out that they were not guienne compared to my monthly earnings. I started looking for a way to improve and upgrade to a cheap, better, fewer maintenance expenses, simpler technology that can suit my situation.

So one day I was on the internet searching for the about thin clients and terminals on a local website in Uganda (OLX Uganda). In addition, the site browser brought the ASTER link as one of the search results. Without wasting time, I open the ASTER link. After reading about how it worked, I suddenly gained interest. It looked simple since it required traditional hardware that is common (Video cards).

I started looking for a way to reach out to IBIK personnel for more information, for the technology looked impossible for me, after intensive consultation with more information and configuration. I went on the market and bought video cards and installed them with the help of the guide provided, then downloaded a trial version ASTER and then installed it on my HCL duo core. This has simplified my system, in that it amazed everyone who comes to my internet cafe at its technology and even some can't imagine who Simple it is!

Although I still have a problem with video drivers conflict which disables other workstations leaving only the Main. I have also been limited by the computer's failure to start when I use AGP video cards limiting the number of workstations I wanted to use with ASTER software, if there any way in terms of any help on how I can maximize my workstations will be very, very grateful

Otherwise, ASTER Software technology has greatly inspired even my customers on how I made it and many a consulting me on how it works

Wow!!! Wow!!!.Wow!!!

Thank you