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Version history

V2.27 14-06-2020

  • Support of Windows 10 version 19041 (2004) (Vibranium) was added.
  • Added support for Miracast monitors.
  • Fixed error 4 (64.000000.000000.69.000000.000001.-60).
  • Added support WDDM 2.7.
  • Small bugs fixed.


  • Added the ability to use of keyboards power buttons.


  • Fixed error starting ASTER service.
  • Fixed problem with Windows Search service.
  • Some bugs fixed.

v2.26.1 12-09-2019

  • Fixed a problem with RDP connections in Windows 10 version 1903 (build 18362).
  • Fixed error 1 (3033929) on Windows 7 version 6.1.7601.24519.

v2.26 15-07-2019

  • Added ability to assign smartcard readers (can not be assigned through the assigned of USB hubs).
  • Added a warning message when at once logging on under the same account at different places.
  • Changes in the new scheme of driver loading to correct some causes of error 2 (-10).
  • Added support for WDDM 2.5/2.6 (DirectX 12).
  • Changes in the algorithm for turning on “extinguished” monitors to reduce screen blinking when changing video mode (for Windows 8/10).

v2.26b2 20-05-2019

  • Support of Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1) (build 18362-18399) was added. (tested only on 18362).
  • Changes for more reliable launch ASTER driver.
  • Changes in the GPU isolation code to fix a Vulkan problem.
  • Changes in the code of interaction with DirectX to correct 2 error (-5) which appeared after update Win10 17763.
  • Changes in user session management, which eliminate a number of problems related to the “disabled” state of additional sessions.
  • Was added ability to simulate the software pressing Win+Ctrl+Shift+B to restart the video subsystem.

v2.25 27-02-2019

  • now it is not necessary to disable SecureBoot in BIOS, but it is still necessary for Windows Server 2016 (and later) and for systems configured to require a WHQL signature.​​​​​
  • fixed error 1617, provided the chkLevel100 setting is applied;
  • few changes for more stable operation

GUI changes:

  • added settings for assigning processors / cores
  • the “Reset settings” command (reset to default settings) was added to the context menu of the “System” block;


  • bug with don't working touchpad on USB monitor has been fixed
  • changes to the management of video cards, potentially correcting some problems with monitors


  • Support of Windows 10 version 1809 (build 17763) was added


  • GUI improvements
  • fixed the main causes of errors when testing the driver ASTER using Verifier
  • a disableable prohibition to use GPUs from other workplaces (checked only for Vulkan applications)
  • the numbering of video cards was changed to match the order of their initialization, in order for the boot video card to be number 1
  • fixed bug 2 (-6)
  • fixed the problem with the same ContainerID for different devices
  • fixed the problem with the delays start Windows Audio Service
  • was added changes that presumably eliminate the cause of some BSOD
  • some bugs fixed

v2.22 22-05-2018

  • Support for WDDM 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
  • Setting for deny logging in under the same user at different places was added (by default disabled).
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Support of Windows 10 April 2018 update, version 1803 (build 17134) was added.
  • Fixed the problem with detecting cameras in Windows 10 version 1709 (16299).
  • Support for the assigned USB hubs to workplaces was added.
  • Denying access to others' USB-disks and USB-CD / DVD, connected to assigned hubs.
  • USB disks and USB-CD / DVD are hidden, if tick the Explorer options “Hide empty drives” and “Don't show hidden files, folders and drives”.

v2.21 26-10-2017

  • Added support for Windows 10 (1709 build 16299)

v2.20 11-09-2017

  • Ability of relogin and delayed login of workplaces was added.
  • Some Windows 7 and 8 related monitor settings issues were fixed.
  • Support of monitors, touchscreens and HID was improved.
  • Screen-saver PowerSaver for energy saving on inactive workplaces was added.
  • Compatibility with the spacedesk driver on Windows 7 and 8 was added.
  • Ability to assign webcams to workplaces was added.
  • Some bugs was fixed


  • Massive update of Windows 10 to the 15063 build revealed some problems in the beta version 2.19, this version had required a significant revision and was renamed to 2.20.

v2.18 12-04-2017

  • Support of Windows 10 build 15063 was added.
  • Fixed a bug - the flicker at the stage “Logon screen”.

v2.17 08-02-2017

  • Support for HID type touch screens on Windows 8, 10, which do not require driver installation.
  • (Not verified) support for HID type graphics tablets on Windows 8, 10, which do not require driver installation.
  • Elimination of influence of the HID-button keyboards and mice from additional workplaces to the first workplace.
  • Support for DOD-monitors, in particular DisplayLink monitors, is now turned on by default (applies only to Windows 10 build 14393 and above).
  • Prohibited display class device drivers installation while ASTER is turned on.
  • Fixed trial period activation deny problem.

v2.16 05-11-2016

  • Optional support for display devices (display-only devices), including support for DisplayLink monitors with a new driver on Windows 10 build 14393 and above

v2.15 12-10-2016

  • Fixed a bug ASTER CORE ERROR 4 (64.000000.000000.69.000000.000001.-55)
  • Change for a more sustainable sound operation
  • Improved support for full-screen mode in games
  • Support for Xbox controllers such as joystick and gamepad

v2.14 14-08-2016

  • Reduce the effect lowering FPS on the additional workplaces;
  • Reduced the probability of the effect of the lack of sound devices;

v2.13 07-08-2016

  • Support of Windows 10 build 14393 was added
  • Improved GUI
  • Some bugs was fixed:
    1. trial period activation error
    2. limitations of full screen modes
    3. unstable boot after a system updates

v2.12 15-07-2016

  • Support of Windows 10 build 10586.494 was added
  • Improved GUI
  • Option of transfer of license was added
  • Some bugs was fixed:
    1. antivirus incompatibility

v2.11 01-04-2016

  • Improvement for RDP connection with the reverse order of displays assignment ;
  • Screen energy saving imitation for separated video cards by sending the commands on/off to the screens ;
  • We have added the possibility of ASTER deactivation in order to transfer the license to the other PC.


  • Substantial changes in display management;
  • Power saving monitor mode is blocked (use blank screensaver instead)
  • Display settings do not persist on system shutdown and on user sign out (please set the desired resolution for each display before enabling the ASTER software);
  • The “defer updates” option of Windows Update is checked ON forcibly, so the major system upgrades (new builds) will not be installed automatically as soon as they are released. It will let you continue running multiple users while we are adapting the ASTER for the new system build (


  • Added support for Windows 10 build 10586
  • Power saving monitor mode is blocked (use screensaver instead)


  • Changes for supporting fullscreen graphics apps (inc. games);
  • Fixed issue with the 1st station's screen getting blank while executing autostart