Important Information

  • ASTER license is tried to the CPU and HDD of the computer. Before changing the HDD or the processor, please deactivate the license.
  • The license can be activated only on one computer - to transfer the Pro license to another computer, you need to deactivate the license and get a new replacement license for it.
  • To add more workplaces you can activate Pro-2, Pro-3, or Pro-6 licenses as required. You cannot add more workplaces with a Home license!
  • Before installing a new version or updating drivers for your hardware - we recommend you disable ASTER and then do the process!
  • Some applications bundled with drivers like Nvidia Experience, Vulcan, Radeon Settings are potentially incompatible with ASTER (depending on software and hardware configuration), thus we recommend you not install them when you install drivers. A list of incompatible software is provided on our website FAQs.

For technical support for ASTER please email

When you contact the support service, in addition to a description of the problem, we recommend you send a file with the technical report of the program and screenshots to better explain the problem.

If there are problems with activation, you must specify the date of purchase and email used during the purchase of the license.

You will find the user manual and answers to common questions here.

The history of version changes is available here.

Answer to many questions can be found on our forum.

Visit our site, Message us, we are always here to assist our users