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 {{anchor:​indexpage}} {{anchor:​indexpage}}
-====== ASTER v2.27 User Manual ======+====== ASTER User Manual ======
 **For beginners of ASTER, refer to this section:** \\ **For beginners of ASTER, refer to this section:** \\
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 [[.:​core:​gui|]] [[.:​core:​gui|]]
-Solutions ​of various problems with ASTER:\\+Solutions ​to various problems with ASTER:\\
 [[.:​core:​solutions|]] [[.:​core:​solutions|]]
-Frequently asked questions:\\+Frequently asked questions: 
 [[.:​core:​faq|]] [[.:​core:​faq|]]
-Here you will find useful ​information ​on working with ASTER:\\+Useful ​information ​about ASTER:\\
 [[.:​core:​article|]]\\ [[.:​core:​article|]]\\
 [[.:​core:​links|]] [[.:​core:​links|]]
-Photos, videos and promotional materials:​\\+Photos, videosand promotional materials:​\\
 [[.:​core:​media|]] [[.:​core:​media|]]