ASTER Installation

Installing ASTER program:

1. Download the ASTER installation package from the download page.

When you start the installation, it is recommended that you create a system restore point (Check the “Create a restore point” checkbox in the installation wizard.) - in case of problems, you will be able to restore your system to original state:

The ASTER installation wizard

2. Read the program description and then accept the terms and conditions for user license agreement of ASTER:

The Program DescriptionThe License Agreement

3. Select your desired installation directory, and optionally set power and OS boot parameters recommended for running ASTER properly (selected by default):

The installation parametrs dialogue box

Settings – «Optimize power saving parameters»

  • Sets the power option to high performance;
  • Disables monitors sleep state and hibernation;
  • Disables power down on USB devices.

Settings – «Disable Fast Boot».

The «Fast Boot» mode speeds up the loading of the OS, but can cause problem in running ASTER and additional seats. Then check box is disabled if Fast Boot is already disabled or your are installing ASTER in Windows 7. These parameters can be changed if required after completing installation of ASTER.

Settings – «Install Screen Saver(PowerSaver)»

Allows screensaver to be enabled from Personalization Settings in Windows. Using screensaver is an alternative to putting monitor in sleep mode. Standard power saving mode may not work proper with ASTER. The screensaver turns off the monitor by sending a special command and the monitor turns off, if the monitor supports it. If it does not then it will show black background. You can set screensaver after you have installed ASTER - for this copy the “PowerSaver.scr” file from the ASTER installed directory to “System32” folder and enable screen saver settings in the Personalization Settings window.

4. Once ASTER installation is completed, you need to restart the computer once.

Restart the computer to finish the installation

Once you have restarted, you can see 3 shortcuts added under ASTER folder in Start/Programs menu.

  • ASTER Control Panel - this shortcut will open ASTER Control Panel, when you will configure, enable or disable ASTER program.
  • ASTER User's Manual - this shortcut will open ASTER user manual to refer for configuring ASTER.
  • EULA (End User License Agreement) – is the user's license agreement.

These three shortcuts may not be shown in Recently Used section in Start Menu, but they can always be found in “All Programs” section.

Any changes can be made only after your reboot ASTER after installation is completed.