"Extended Settings" Tab

This tab is for advance users. Any improper settings in this tab can have negative effects, so inexperienced users are not recommended to change them.

  • To assign an IP address to a workplace. Click on the “Not assigned” button next to the workplace. A window will open, there you can select the applications and folders to associate with the IP address and the IP address assignment rules.
  • Proxy Setup” button opens a dialog box for configure the ASTER to connect through proxy server.
  • Device Manager” button open the Devices Manager for the windows, when you can create virtual network devices, if necessary. For example, if you do not have a real network adapter. The IP address fo the devices can be assigned to the ASTER workplaces.
  • Network Connections” button opens the “Network Adapter” properties, where you can add IP Address to an existing network adapters. These IP addresses can be assigned to the ASTER workplaces.