ASTER terms of licensing and updating

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There are different types of license for ASTER program.

  • Basic – Pro licenses for 2 or 6 work places. These licenses are valid for lifetime and are free to upgrade to new version throughout the year. This license allows you to add workplaces or transfer the license (see note) to another computer. Basic license for 2 or 6 workplaces can be activated or transferred as a while - and does not support partial activation on several computers.
  • Additional - Pro-1 license is for adding one additional workplace to your Pro 2 or Pro 6 license. This license is also valid for unlimited time (1 year is free upgrade). You cannot activate the license by itself, you can only activate this license in addition to Pro 2 or Pro 6 license.
  • Home – Home license allows you to create 2 work place for 1 year. The Home license is an annual subscription license i.e. if you want to continue to use ASTER 1 year, then you will have to purchase a new Home license or Pro 2 license. Please note that Home license only supports 2 work places and cannot be extended using Pro 1 license (additional license). You also cannot deactivate the license and transfer it to another computer like Pro 2 or Pro 6 license as Home license is an expensive option for personal use.

Activation of any license allows you to receiver free updates for ASTER for 1 year after the date of activation. To receive updates after 1 year has passed, owners of Pro license will need to purchase a special license to extend the upgrade period. The period of free update and the actions of the Home licenses are save, so the extension of the upgrade for Home license is not required.

It is necessary to understand the phrase «Transfer of license to another computer». ASTER license system identifies a computer with respect to the hard drive on with Windows is installed and the type of process that is used on the system. There for «Transferring a license to another computer» includes not only transferring license to a completely different computer (system unit) but also replacing the Windows installed hard drive or changing process or re installing Windows on another disk on the same computer (see. FAQ. 12). Your license can be re activated on the same computer, if you have not changed the CPU or the hard drive after re installing OS. For any other changes the license will work normally. After formatting the hard drive, re installing Windows, etc. just repeat the activation with the same license key.
In one system unit a maximum of 12 work places can be use. To add additional seats, activate any - Pro- 1/2/6 (the number of seats is the sum of licenses), but keep in mind that there cannot be more than 12 in total. Before making payment, be sure to include the additional workplaces in the test mode and check their performance on specific hardware and software configurations.