"General Settings" Tab

General Settings Tab

On this table, you can configure accounts for auto-login, enable/disable the start of one or all workplaces (except for the first workplace) when the computer is booted. You can select the interface language as well as how to start workplaces. More on this later.

Account table and workplace states:

  • In the “Location” column, the number of the workplace is indicated, the indicator on the left indicated the current state of the workplace (green means running, gray means not running).
  • In the “Account” column, you can specify an account for the workstation, when it starts and automatically logs in with the selected credentials bypassing the system login screen.
  • The “Status” column contains a switch having two options “Enabled” and “Disabled”, to selectively enable or disabled the workplace. The first workplace is always enabled!
  • The “Enable(Disable) ASTER and restart the PC” button allows you to enable or disable ASTER services and restart the PC. The button label and action (enable or disable) depends on the current state of the ASTER services.
  • Run ASTER workplaces” allows you to run ASTER workplaces that are marked enabled. The button is not active when the ASTER services are disabled (see the item above).
  • The drop-down list “How to start workplaces” contains three options:
    1. Manually, using the button 'Run ASTER workplaces'. This is the most secure method, it is recommended to use it at the first start-up - until you are sure that everything is working well. After which you can set it to start the workplaces automatically.
    2. When a system starts up”, select this option if you want the workplaces to start automatically, i.e. immediately after Windows starts. This method required that all monitors connected via VGA/HDMI/DP/DVI are turned on by the time the system is started, otherwise they will not be started. (This mean USB VGA, docking stations connected monitors cannot be used for the auto start of workplaces)
    3. When a user logins first workplace”, when selected, the workplaces will be started automatically, but only when the main(first) workplace is logged on. This option can use considered as a deferred alternative to the previous method. It should be used, for example, when it is impossible to guarantee the connected HDMI/DP monitors started when the computer starts or when using DisplayLink monitors.

Select the appropriate method from the drop-down list.

  • In the “Language” drop-down list, you can select the localization language for the program interface. After selecting the language, you need to restart the ASTER program for the changes to take effect.
  • The “Hide the icon in the notification area” checkbox allows you to hide the ASTER icon while minimizing the ASTER program in the system tray.