How to Run a Second-time Game if All Typical Technic Fail

Some games can be tricky to launch a couple of times even using Sandboxie/Sandboxie plus. Sometimes it's even impossible or conflicts with the company-game policy.\\
This method will allow you to run more than 2 times many games without any tricks like copying game files, creating special shortcuts, or using Sandboxie, none of this will be used.

Minimum requirements to make this work depending on license-workstations:

  • 1-2 core CPU old one;
  • 2-4GB RAM;
  • Good internet connection 30-50Mb for 3 users with a relatively low latency ping time. You can check your latency ping time by pressing the Windows button and “CMD” then ENTER on the keyboard ping or another website.


In this situation, we got an average ping of 13ms. This method will work if the ping is below 30ms for the best experience in an actions game. Above that will still work, but in “motion” games can be a little laggy, but still great for games like RPG and more static gaming - for example, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or just chess.

For this:
1) Enter the webpage

Register or login with your account - best is to register with “NVidia” account
You can take a 0.00$ Free Plan
1.1) For the best experience download the GF now app. It will decrease twice your ping if we compare it to Chrome/Edge browser gaming (about that later in the article)
1.2) Launch and run ASTER on your computer then run GFnow
1.3) Login to your GFnow account inside the app
1.4) On the left up corner click Settings and then again Settings.

GFNow Settings

1.5) You can add your Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Steam account games. Here I will present how to add a Steam account with some special settings.

Add Steam Account
1.6) In some cases, you can get the message that you need to check your Steam account to add Steam to GFnow. If the Steam account sync correctly you can skip 1.7

Steam account was added
1.7) Go to your web browser and enter this webpage and login

1.7.1) Click Edit your profile
Edit Steam Profile
1.7.2) Depending on your language follow the buttons - Privacy settings

Privacy Settings

1.7.3) Set your “Visibility games” to public

Sharing Games
1.7.4) Then on GFnow click sync again


1.8) At the moment the GF now free account allows play 1H without brake or ads.
In some popular games like League of Legends sometimes you can notice the waiting rooms - queues and need to wait (in free account) after 1H of playing the game is close but you can start the game again without any problem.

1.9) GF now also works in a web browser like Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You can do it by entering this website: [[|]]. \\ \\

Notice that almost all games mostly in begin need to be run in full screen, but don't worry it's a web browser is the full screen it will not cause any flickering screen issue

But it means that each “game” needs to be run once on each workstation ASTER. If you run the game via a web browser, you may notice a slightly higher ping latency.

1.10) Using GFnow app

Using GFNowPing with GFNow*15ms ping

1.11) In Chrome and Edge

Via Browser

*32ms ping- same internet

2) Second software/Option is Game Pass Ultimate. In many countries, the first month of Game Pass Ultimate is free or cost 1$
2.1) Make sure you choose Game Pass ULTIMATE Only Ultimate version gives access to cloud gaming
2.2) No need for additional settings for Game Pass except - no mouse supports.

Developed by Andrzej Lachowicz - DjAndomor