ASTER and other software

General recommendations: install antivirus while ASTER program is turned off, with mandatory reboot, and it is desirable only for the account of the first workplace.

Following antiviruses are tested: Kaspersky Antivirus for WindowsWorkstations, AVGAntivirusFree, AviraFreeAntivirus, G-Data, AvastFreeAntivirus, NortonInternetSecurity, Nod 32, Dr. Web.

On WinXP, there were the last 3 antiviruses got started only on the first workplace.

On Win7 there were all tested antiviruses gotten started on the extra workplaces, except Dr. Web. All tested antiviruses were eliminating a threat in case of detecting a virus, even if they got started only on the first workplace.

Known troubles and ways of solving: Some antiviruses (AVGAntivirusFree, AviraFreeAntivirus, NortonInternetSecurity) block working of the ASTER service. Wherein extra workplaces are not getting started, ASTER is turning on with the error “service denial code: 64.000000.000000 69.000000.000001”, and antivirus can show a message about a virus threat.

In order antivirus has not been blocking ASTER program working, add the folder with the installed ASTER to the exception - C:\WINDOWS\system32\mute32.dll for WinXP, C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\mutenx.sys for Win7/8.

While using Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 it’s necessary to disable self-defense in the antivirus settings additionally.

Login/password entry is duplicated to other workplaces

This is manifested as:

- the user enters credentials for authorization in e-mail or other services where authorization is required

- at other user's workplaces also a login/password is begun to enter, for example, in a text document or text field

The problem is created by Kaspersky Anti-Virus - the function is called “Secure Data Entry” and is used to protect against keyloggers. Duplication of input occurs because the antivirus intercepts the input before ASTER, when it is not yet divided into workplaces and directs all in the browser window, bypassing everything. You can solve the problem only by disabling the “Safe Data Entry” feature in the antivirus settings. Deselect all (or part of) checkboxes in Settings → Advanced → Safe data entry in Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings. Sites on which the “Safe Data Entry” function should not work can be added to the exclusion list.

First of all, create a personal account for every computer user. To make it, choose the option “Control panel” at the Start menu, and then click the element “Users’ accounts” twice.

Also, you can set an automatic login with the account data of a certain user. You can do it at the “Enter” tab of the ASTER V7 Control panel.

To start Mozilla Firefox it has to be enough, and you’d better reinstall Chrome, set it for all accounts at the computer with the alternative setup file "Download the alternative installer Google Chrome."

* Note: It is recommended to install plugin AdBlock for any browser in order to avoid ads and some other stuff.

Simultaneous start-up of the application Steam two or more times is possible using a special program (so-called “sandbox”). There are several programs of this type including embedded in antivirus. Launching was tested using the program Sandboxie. Upon its installation in the shortcut context menu appears the menu item “Launch in the sandbox”. In the free version, you can use only one sandbox at a time, however, this is enough to start two copies of the Steam. For example, in the first workplace we start the Steam in the usual fashion, and on the second in the sandbox. As a result, we get one copy of the Steam client on each workplace (for each copy its own Steam account is required). In that manner, you can also launch certain applications/games which don’t directly support the start-up of several of their copies.

When problems appear, especially with online games, when you run Steam, in Sandboxie you should check the box “Run as UAC Administrator”. Game “Dota2” can serve as an example. Here you cannot start searching for the game while the players from ASTER workstations are united in one group.

Step-by-step instructions for launching Steam and games at the second workplace:

1. Download and install Sandboxie on your computer following the standard installation instructions;

2. At the second workstation, using the right mouse button on the Steam shortcut, call the context menu and select “Run in the sandbox”;

3. We go into the Steam account. For each workplace for each copy you need your own Steam account;

4. Some offline games can be launched immediately from the Steam library, some games, especially online games, need to be run in the sandbox like Steam in the second workplace;

5. To start the game in the sandbox, you need to use the right mouse button on the game shortcut to call the context menu and select “Run in the sandbox”;

6. If you do not have a game shortcut on the desktop, you need to find the executable file and repeat step 5. Executable files are stored in the folder where the game was installed, for example:
Dota 2 (F:\steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64\dota2.exe)
Portal 2 (F:\steam\steamapps\common\Portal 2\portal2.exe)