Instruction to start ASTER on Android (using the program Spacedesk)

Initial data:

  • Laptop Acer Aspire V13 V3-371-31WS (Intel Core i3-4030 U (1.9 GHz, 3MB L3 cashe), 2 cores, Intel HD Graphics 4400, up to 1792 MB Dynamic Video Memory, 4 GB DDR3 L Memory, 500 GB HDD + 8 G SSHD, screen diagonal 13.3”, screen resolution 1366х768, 1хHDMI, 1xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3.0, Windows 10 Home 64-bit build 14393);

 Notebook Acer Aspire V13 V3-371-31WS

  • Smartphone Huawei Honor 3C (diagonal 5” (140х71х9.2 mm), resolution 1280х720 pixels, CPU 1.3 GHz, МТ6582, quad-core, OS Android 4.2.2, RAM 2 Gb, internal memory 8 Gb, 2 SIM cards); Smartphone Huawei Honor 3C
  • Wireless mouse Logitech M510;
  • Wireless keyboard Logitech K240 and mouse Logitech M212;
  • WiFi router ZTE ZXHN H118N;
  • Multiseat software ASTER 2.16 from;
  • Program Spacedesk Beta III v0.9.9z.12 from


To start ASTER on 2 workplaces, where the laptop is in the first place and smartphone – in the second.

Brief description about Spacedesk

The program Spacedesk expands the Windows desktop computer screen to other computers (or laptops, tablets, smartphones) over the local area network including WiFi. One computer must be assigned as the primary machine or server. Another computer (or laptop, tablet, smartphone) – as a secondary machine, or client. And both devices should be connected to one local area network (for example, a WiFi network).

We’ll install the server on the laptop and the client on the smartphone. Set of keyboard and mouse we’ll use as the input devices for a smartphone. The laptop and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network which is sharing through the WiFi router.

Spacedesk installation on the laptop (server part)

  1. Download file “spacedesk DRIVER software for Windows Primary PC (server), 64bit, .msi” from the page.
  2. Install this driver.
  3. Restart laptop. See the caption on the black screen before Windows loading spacedesk display driver loaded … to make sure the server part is installed correctly. There will also be the spacedesk icon in the system tray, with active connections. At the first moment after installation, there will be 0 (as the picture below shows).Zero active connections
  4. Now all is set, configuring the spacedesk server is finished.

Spacedesk installation on a smartphone (client part)

  1. Open Google Play market on the Android smartphone, search for «spacedesk (remote display)», download and install this app. On the screen, you’ll see the spacedesk Beta icon.
  2. Open the App. Attention! The smartphone is connected to the same WiFi network as a laptop (NOT to the 3G/LTE network). Check the box Auto Network Search, it is ticked by default. The server will be found automatically as seen on the screenshot below - Mirik ( Automatic server search

Laptop and smartphone connection

  1. Push the button Connect in the Spacedesk App, after that you’ll see “Display is detached”.  Display off
  2. To get Windows desktop on the smartphone you’ll need to extend monitors on the laptop (System – Display – Few displays – Extend displays – Apply).
  3. As a result, you’ll see a Windows desktop on the smartphone (screenshot below).

 Display desktop on smartphone

4. And there will appear a pop-up in the system tray of the laptop, telling that smartphone H30-U10 (Huawei Honor 3C) is attached.

 Smartphone connection

5. Connection between laptop and smartphone is done.

Installation and starting ASTER

  1. Download the ASTER program from, install it according to the User's Guide.
  2. Then we need to configure it. Start ASTER.  First ASTER launch
  3. You’ll see 2 monitors on the first terminal – 1.1 and 1.2 (laptop and smartphone displays), 4 keyboards, and 4 mice. Why are there so many input devices? Because we have a touchscreen on laptop and sensor display of smartphone which is also input devices. We don’t need them now so let’s put them to the Spares. We leave just 2 keyboards and 2 mice. Moving Unnecessary Input Devices to Parts
  4. The next step is to drag monitor 1.2 from terminal 1 and drop it to terminal 2, keyboard and mouse – the same way. Then press the Apply button to save the configuration.  Monitor Assignment
  5. Then go to the General settings tab. Pay attention that the box “Automatically run ASTER workplaces on system startup” is NOT checked.Setting up ASTER launch
  6. To start terminals there should be created different users on a laptop under Windows 10. You can choose them in the Account column or leave them as it is – Display Login Dialog.
  7. And finally, push the button “Enable ASTER and reboot PC”.

Running ASTER workplaces

  1. After rebooting the laptop you’ll need to launch Spacedesk App on the smartphone again. You’ll see “Display is detached”. Don’t pay attention to it.
  2. Start ASTER.ASTER Launch
  3. And the final step is to push the button “Run ASTER workplaces”. Terminals are running now, as you can see on the screenshot below.Start ASTER Workplaces
  4. Here you are! Windows desktop computer screen appears on the smartphone. Choose the different user account and enter the system.  Windows desktop on smartphoneSmartphone example
  5. So we got the second workplace with a keyboard and mouse on the smartphone.


The ASTER program showed its ease and convenience in use one more time, expanding the computer’s possibilities to the Android smartphone. Instead of a smartphone it can be used tablet, iPad, laptop with the same success. Convenience is also in the absence of any wired connections – you use WiFI network.