"Experimental Settings" Window

Experimental Settings Window

The checkbox „Support for special graphical modes“ can improve the performance for graphics application (Games) in full screen mode, but may not always work or cause BSODs. However, there have not be any issue reported yet. If you are ok with rate problems, check this check box and run full-screen applications. You need to reboot to apply the settings

In version 2.16, we added support for „Display-Only-Devices (DOD)“. These devices are used for adding additional monitor to the system but are not able to run graphics applications at full speed like from graphics cards. The card uses existing system resources to display graphics on the monitor. The DOD devices are supported from Windows 8 but compatible drivers for Display link devices (monitors) appeared only since Windows 10 Build 14393. Therefore, support for Display Link monitors in ASTER is support since 2.16 version. DOD support in ASTER is partially enabled by default: ASTER detects such monitors and allows you to assign them to workplaces, but the screen may display „artifacts“. The checkbox „Support for display devices“ allows for better support for DOD devices, after you check it, restart the PC and the „artifacts“ on the screen should stop showing.