Licensing, activation and deactivation

Two ways of ASTER reactivation are possible.

1. By spending the limit of serial number activations. It occurs always when ASTER is activated via Internet as defined in ASTER License Activation. This method is acceptable only in case of PC replacement or replacement of your PC’s processor.

2. Without spending the limit of serial number activations.

You have to use this method when there have been no changes in equipment configuration. It may be required after OS reinstallation. For ASTER reactivation in this case it is sufficient in a new OS to run reg file that ASTER offers to store after reactivation by the first method. Make sure to store it in order not to spend activations in future, after OS reinstallation. A good choice is generation of an image of HD system partition from OS (adjusted if possible) which will allow in a matter of minutes to restore the system after any malfunctions including virus infection etc. and gain time on restoration. A number of activations fulfilled is given on page in section Serial number parameters.

There are different types of licenses for ASTER software:

  • Main – Pro licenses for 2 or 6 workplaces. These licenses are indefinitely valid and in the course of a year are free for upgrading ASTER up to the latest version, if necessary, adding workplaces or transferring the license (see the note) to another PC. Main licenses for 2 or 6 workplaces can be activated or transferred as one piece only – the partial activation on several computers is not supported.
  • Additional- Pro-1 license for one workplace more, that is it allows for connecting additional workplaces subject to the existence of an already activated main license Pro-2 or Pro-6. The Pro-1 license cannot be activated on its own, without an a priori installed main license. This license the same as Main is indefinitely valid and can be transferred to another PC.
  • Home – Home license allows for creating just 2 workplaces per year. Home License is a one-year subscription, i.e. after 1-year use you have to purchase a new license. Please be aware that the Home license supports just 2 workplaces and cannot be extended to a greater number of workplaces, and also cannot be deactivated and transferred to the other computer – this is an inexpensive option for personal use.

Activation of any license allows for receiving free of charge software upgrade within 1 year after activation. To receive upgrading upon the expiry of 1 year, the owners of Pro license will have to purchase a special license to renew the upgrade period. The periods of upgrading and HOME license validity are the same so you do not have to renew the upgrade period for this kind of licenses.

You have to get right the sentence «Transfer of a license to another computer». From the standpoint of ASTER licensing system, a computer is identified by a hard disc with installed Windows and a type of processor installed on the computer. So «Transfer of a license to another computer» means not only transfer to the really other computer (base unit) but also replacement of system disc and/or processor as well as reinstallation of Windows to another disc on the same computer (see FAQ). All types of ASTER licenses can be simultaneously activated on one computer only. If CPU and hard disc of PC (where OS is installed) remain the same–a license will be valid with any other changes of hard/software. After disc formatting, reinstallation of Windows, etc., just repeat activation using the same activation code.
Attention! A maximum number of ASTER workplaces on one base unit - 12. In order to connect additional workplaces activate any Pro license x1/x2/x6 (the number of workplaces from several licenses is summed up to the full extent), but please be aware that the limit is 12 units. Prior to payment, you have to switch additional workplaces on in the test mode and check their operability with a specific configuration of hardware and software.

1. The new ASTER version allows for deactivating the license, for example, for transferring to the other hardware.
Below are listed the events when you have to perform deactivation on which completion the current activation codes become invalid and you will obtain new ones instead:

a) Transfer of the ASTER license to the other computer
b) CPU replacement
c) Replacement of the hard disk with Windows where ASTER is installed
d) Transfer of Windows from one hard disk to another.
e) Rejection of the product and request to refund money.

In other events of the change of equipment (for example, addition/replacement of network cards, memory upgrade, etc.), deactivation is not needed.

In case of an unforeseen replacement of HDD or CPU (as a result of failure thereof), you have to contact the support team and submit the technical report and ASTER activation codes which have been used on this computer.

If several ASTER licenses have been activated on a single PC (for example, through error) you may select the ones you wish to deactivate.

The deactivation procedure is applicable only for Pro license, HOME license cannot be deactivated.

2. Software reactivation in cases when deactivation is not required (for example, after reinstallation of operating system on the same HDD) may be carried out as many times as you wish using the available activation code (i.e. the same as during the first ASTER installation).