Program Interface "ASTER Control Panel"

This section is devoted to describing the graphical interface of the program Control ASTER

The user interface consists of the main program window, and auxiliary dialog boxes that are displayed on the screen as needed as a result of pressing certain buttons.

1. ASTER may seem like a little hard program for the beginner. Actually it is not so. Enough basic knowledge in the field of personal computers, in order to successfully use ASTER. The developers of the program make considerable efforts to simplify and accelerate the familiarity with the program.
To this end, the program is equipped with a context-sensitive help system. If you do not understand any element in the program interface, just move the mouse pointer to an incomprehensible place and press the F1 control key and you will get a hint about this element.
2. If you are a beginner who first installed and started ASTER, and do not know where to start, start with the section त्वरित आरंभ गाइड. This section lists the steps you need to take in order to quickly configure and start the ASTER. Well, after, as necessary, it will be possible to get acquainted with more advanced settings and capabilities of ASTER.

List of program windows Control ASTER:

ASTER उपयोगकर्ता इंटरफ़ेस में आपका स्वागत है

ASTER कंट्रोल पैनल की मुख्य विंडो

ASTER Activation Window

निष्क्रियता संवाद बॉक्स

"लाइसेंस की समय सीमा समाप्त" अधिसूचना विंडो

Confirming starting of Workplaces window

स्वचालित सक्रियण के लिए अनुरोध

"कार्यस्थल के लिए खाता" विंडो

"वीडियो आउटपुट निर्दिष्ट करना" विंडो

"कार्यस्थल के लिए आईपी पता" विंडो

"अनुप्रयोग और फ़ोल्डर" विंडो

"Confirm Device Destination" windows

"कार्यस्थल के लिए उपकरण (एस) असाइनमेंट" विंडो

"समर्थन अनुरोध" विंडो

"कार्यस्थल टैब सेटिंग्स" विंडो

"प्रॉक्सी सर्वर सेटअप" विंडो

"मेरे लाइसेंस" विंडो

"अपडेट के लिए जांचें" विंडो

"इनपुट डिवाइस स्विच" विंडो

"मास्टर लाइसेंस बनाएँ" विंडो

"प्रायोगिक सेटिंग्स" विंडो