"Workplace Tab Settings" Window

Workplace Tab Settings WindowThis window allows you to specify which objects will be displayed on the

Workplaces tab, as well as some other parameters that affect the display.

The checkbox „Master-Details View“ - switches the display mode of the Workplaces tab.

The first mode is standard mode, in which the entire area of the window is reserved for workplaces. Each devices assigned to the workplace is displayed separately, i.e. in this mode there is one-to-one relation between the real device and its image.

In the „Master-Details View“ mode, the panel area is divided into two parts:

  • Upper Part - „Compressed“ display of workplace devices means that all the devices of certain class (for example, displays are grouped together and displays as one (general) picture.
  • Bottom Part - is detailed display of devices for the workplace selected at the top. To see details information of the devices, you need to select the workplace in the upper part.

The „Master-Details View“ mode can be useful when using a large number of places and devices

Workplaces“ checkbox - allows you to hide or show selected workplaces.

Displays without Monitors“ checkbox - turns on the display of video output that are not currently connected to any video card/adapter output. The settings affects only the first workplace and the displays displayed in the „System“ box, at the extra places „Display without Monitors“, are always displayed (if any).

Inventory“ checkbox - allows the visibility of the button and its accompanying panel in the „System“ window in the upper left corner of the Workplaces tab. The „Inventory“ panel allows you to see all the devices in the system that are supported by ASTER.

The duration to indicate the detected device“ slider - sets the time duration in which the notification will be displayed (blinking purple frame around the device icon) of the connected device. Adjustment range from 2 to 20 seconds with 2 seconds increments.