"Online Activation" Tab

 Activation Dialog (online activation tab is open)

For activation of ASTER, enter the special activation code received after purchasing the ASTER license. Enter the “Activation Code” in the entry field and then click the “Activate” button.

Activate. After that, the number of available workplaces will increase by the amount depending on the type of license that was activated. The process of activating the ASTER requires access to the internet.

The “Activate” button starts the activation process, at the end of which the notification of successful or unsuccessful activation will appear.

Activate Trial Workplaces” button - allows you to activate a trial period (14 days) for those workplaces that are more than the number of the activated workplaces with a license. The button is active only after activation of any Pro license. This will also make it possible to test more workplaces than already available based on the trial, you can purchase an additional license and activate it. The trial period (14 days) starts only after you click this button. So do not click this button if you are not planning to test more workplaces.

Click the “Close” button to exit the dialog box without activating ASTER.