"Extended Settings" Tab

This tab is for advanced users. Any improper settings in this tab can have negative effects, so inexperienced users are not recommended to change them.

Extended Settings Tab

  • To assign an IP address to a workplace. Click on the “Not assigned” button next to the workplace. A window will open, where you can select the applications and folders to associate with the IP address and the IP address assignment rules.
  • The “Proxy Setup” button opens a dialog box to configure the ASTER to connect through a proxy server.
  • The “Device Manager” button opens the Devices Manager for the windows when you can create virtual network devices, if necessary. For example, if you do not have a real network adapter. The IP address of the devices can be assigned to the ASTER workplaces.
  • The “Network Connections” button opens the “Network Adapter” properties, where you can add IP Addresses to existing network adapters. These IP addresses can be assigned to the ASTER workplaces.