"Support Request" Window

 Support Request

Description for the available options:

Request Type” dropdown -

Select the most appropriate option for your problem from the drop-down list, the contents of the reports will be set by default according to the selection from the list

The “Your e-mail” field is filled by default from the ASTER license, which does not always contain the required address. Therefore, make sure that this field is correct and if necessary, enter another e-mail address where we can reach you.

The “Problem Description” field.

In this field, add any additional details related to the problem or any question that gives more details for the problem so that your support request is processed faster, and you get a quicker response.

ASTER Technical Report content

A technical report is attached to the request to the ASTER support service, which will allow us to understand the problem. You can control the contents of the reports using the radio buttons on the left side, you can add files or clipboard contents to the report as well if you think this will help to describe the problem in more detail.

Report Content selection switches

With these switches, you can manage the main contents of the report. The most suitable switch is automatically selected when you select the “Request Type” from the "Request Type" drop-down. But sometimes, you may need to adjust the automatic selection, for example, when the ASTER support agent requests more information or details.

General ASTER information” option - the report will include a piece of brief information: ASTER version, ASTER state, and configuration of workplaces.

ASTER License information” - the report will include the information about the ASTER licenses along with the General ASTER information.

Basic System information” - this report includes the output of the system utility SystemInfo, which provides basic information about the system along with the above two information.

Detailed System information” - this report includes information on the utility Msinfo32, which provides more complete information about the system along with the above information.

Detailed debug information” - this will add the latest small memory dumps (minidumps) that are created after Windows crashes. Reading memory dumps require administrative privileges. Use this option wisely, since the memory dumps can make the report big.

The “Add files” button - allows you to add additional files to the report (for example, screenshots) to demonstrate the problem more clearly and therefore helps us solve it faster.

The “Paste” button - allows you to add clipboard contents to the report. The text on the button changes according to the contents of the clipboard (picture, plain or formatted text).

The “List of additional files” table

 List of additional files The table contains the names of the files added to the report by the "Add Files" button and the "Paste..." button. The cross button on the left of the name will delete the file from the list, and to open the file to view or edit in the program associated with that file type, click on the name of the file.

The “Report file pathsupportrequest_reportfilepath.png in the bottom window looks like plain text and specifies the path to the report file that is created in the temporary folder. To copy the path to the clipboard, just click on the path with the mouse.

Save Report” button - becomes active only after the report is created with the button“Create ASTER Report”. The button allows you to save the file, it created in a temporary folder, and the file is deleted when the “Support Request” windows are closed.

Create and Send Request” - becomes active only after the e-mail address and problem description fields are filled. Pressing the button starts the process of creating a technical report based on the selected parameters and attached files. After the creation of the report, the request and the technical report are sent to the ASTER support service.

The “Create ASTER report” button - allows you to create a technical report without sending it to the ASTER Support service. This may be necessary, for example, if the PC is not connected to the internet. Because in this case, the request to the technical support is not automatically sent, filling in the email address and problem description is not necessary. But when you send the request for support using an e-mail program, then you will be required to provide a problem description and at the same time attach the saved technical report to the e-mail before sending.