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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to ASTER!

In this guide, you will learn the basic settings required to run ASTER successfully.

You can download the ASTER setup file from this link. Download.

During installation, keep the default options and click the “Next” button to continue. Installation requires you to run the setup package with administrative privileges.

The installation process is described in detail here: ASTER Installation

After the installation, your computer needs to be restarted. Once restarted, you need to run the “ASTER” program from the start menu. (In case, it does not start automatically)

When you run “ASTER” for the first time, it will prompt you for the upgrade. Click the “OK” button to start the upgrade process:

Request the administration rights

After you click the “OK” button, a unique identifier is created and is displayed in the information prompt:

Your ID

For more information about the identifier, click this link: Installation ID of ASTER.

Once the installation id is created, the program will restart itself. A prompt will open and show you two options:

The Welcome Window

Make sure the computer has internet access. Click the 2nd option if you have an activation key and activate ASTER. Or click the 3rd button if you want to use ASTER in trial for 30 days.

If you are using the internet through a proxy, then you need to configure the ASTER to use proxy settings. For detailed information, click this link: Configure ASTER to use Proxy Server.

Once ASTER is installed, you need to connect all monitors and set their native resolution. You also need to put all monitors in extended desktop mode. To do this, right-click on the desktop and choose “Screen Settings” or “Screen Resolution” (depending on the OS version it is different). Once you open the window, set the necessary monitor settings. In windows 7, the settings window looks like this:

In this window you should extend these displays and choose the screen resolution

Now, open the “ASTER” Control Panel and then click on the “Workplaces” tab to assign monitors for each seat. The easiest way to assign monitors is to drag them into the rectangular area under the desired seat. The “Spare Parts” section contains unassigned devices including a keyboard, mouse, and monitors.

Device assigning by dragging them into work area

By default, when you start “ASTER” for the first time, all monitors are assigned to the first seat and some of them can be in the “Spare Parts” section.

To know which monitor corresponds to each monitor in the settings of ASTER, you can check it from the device's tooltip but hovering over it or by clicking “Indicate Device” from the context menu for the monitor icon.

Indicate monitors

For more information regarding Indicating devices, click here Indicating Devices.

After you complete steps 1-3, you can enable “ASTER”. To do this, click the “Enable ASTER and reboot PC” button on the “General Settings” tab. After the computer restarts, ASTER will be enabled, but workplaces will not start working. You need to click the “Start Workplaces” button to start the workplaces manually. This is required to test all workplace's statuses. Later, you can configure ASTER to automatically run the workplaces by selecting the desired launch option from the drop-down list:

Enable ASTER and reboot PC

You can assign other devices such as keyboard/mouse, game page, and audio playback devices after ASTER is up and running. To assign these devices as well as monitors, simply drag and drop the device's image under the desired workplace. When a device is active, it will be enclosed in a blue frame on its image, like when you move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.

For more information on assigning devices, see this link Device Allocation.

In most cases, the above steps are enough to run ASTER workplaces successfully. However, in case it does not work, you can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure that only drivers are installed for graphics cards (especially NVidia cards.). For incompatible programs, see FAQ: Incompatible software.
  • Assign monitor in simple order, i.e. the monitor 1.1 on the first workplace, the monitor 1.2 on the second workplace, etc. You can set monitors in any order depending on the requirement.
  • You can contact our support by clicking the “Request Support” button Send the request to the technical supportin the ASTER window. For more details on requesting support service from ASTER refers to Technical Support.
  • Read our manual ASTER User Manual, for answers to any question that you may have.