"Account for Workplace" Window

Here you can change the login information for each workplace. You can configure automatic login with a specific account. To prevent automatic login, set the default value to „Show login dialog“. You can select the type of account (domain or local) from the Account type, "Domain" account or "Local" account. Depending on the chose, the window will look different:

 Login with a domain account

 Login with local account

If you select „Local account“ type, then you can select the user account from a list. If you selected „Domain account“, the domain name and account name must be entered manually.

Domain account“ option selects the use of domain account

Local account“ selects the use of local account

Domain name“ field- you need to enter the domain name here

Domain Account“ field- you need to enter the domain account username here

User accounts“ button - opens a system snap-in where you can view, edit and create local accounts (If you have sufficient privileges for it)

Local account“ drop-down - contains a list of local accounts

Password“ field- enter the password for the account. You can leave this field blank if you have not set password for the user account

Confirm password“ field- re-enter the password in this filed to verify the correctness of the password entered.