"IP Address for the Workplace" Window

In order for some network programs to work correctly, it may be necessary to assign the workplace to different IP addresses, for example, for network games or to ensure network interaction of workstations and their identity on the network. The window contains settings that allows you to select IP addresses, and also bind individual application and or entire folders with application to selected IP addresses for workplaces. If you need these settings, fill out the table with the applications/folders that you want to bind to the IP address and select the rule by which the binding will be made.

The list of application/folders is common for all ASTER workplaces.

 Set up different IPs for workstations

To open the settings, click the button in the column „IP Address“ on the Extended Settings tab.

Select the IP-address from the list which you want to assign to the current workplace. You can only use static IP address for the assignment.

Select the „Apply to all the programs and folder“ option, if you want to bind the selected IP Addresses to All applications. In this case, the list below will not be taken in to account.

Select the „Apply only to programs and folders from the list“ option, if you want to bind the IP only to the applications and folders from the list below.

Select the „Apply to all programs except those in the list“ option, if you want to bind the IP to all applications except those listed below.

The table contains a list of programs and folder with application that will be used to form a list of program binding to the IP address. In the „Object name“ there are check boxes that allow you to temporarily include/exclude objects from the list. To fill, click the „Add to list“ button, select the list to delete and click „Remove from list“. The „OK“ button saves the changes made and closes the dialog. The „Cancel“ button closes the dialog without saving the changes.