Home (Work, Games, Movies, Videos, Internet, "Smart Home")

ASTER can be used for many home applications:

Work, study, and internet surfing ASTER allows you to create several workplaces for working with MS Office, internet surfing, email, etc. It is necessary to only setup up hardware and workplaces and then install internet browsers. Isolating disks and USB drivers between the users can be attained using built-in Windows tools, and ASTER.
Multimedia, Smart HomeASTER allows you to turn any PC into a home multimedia center, and any TV into a SmartTV: connect the TV and keyboard/mouse to a PC with ASTER installed and you can play games, watch movies from the internet or home archives on a large TV screen. A computer with ASTER install becomes the center of "Smart Home"(conception 1Home1PC!). If the TV is in the next room then see how to connect workplace in long distance. Another possibility is to connect the TV via wireless connect using Miracast.
GamesASTER allows you to run most games on multiple workplaces. However, many games have a protection system preventing the running of a second instance, using shared resources, etc. So then require a special application to run them. For example, showing how to run games in several workplaces, please check it out on our forum or our Youtube channel.
Mobile devicesWith ASTER, mobile devices like tablets, smartphones can be used as terminal devices. To do this, you need to install an application like Splashtop or Spacedesk. or you can also use standard remote access programs - once connected, you will be able to use Windows programs on mobile devices and will always be connected to the host computer, even while on the road or far away from the main office.
Remote access to PCWhen you need to remote your computer, but Windows blocks the desktop during remote sessions, this causes you to allocate a separate computer for this task. Solve remote access issue in ASTER This problem: You can select the second workplace created by ASTER for a remote session, which the first workplace continues to do their own work, both outputs of the video card must be connected to the monitor inputs (you can switch between them via the monitor controls - „video source“ option)

For technical issues, please check our: Technical problems solutions and User Guides

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