Licenční a aktualizační podmínky programu ASTER

There are different types of licenses for the ASTER program:

  • Basic – Pro license for 2, 3 or 6 workplaces:
    • valid for a lifetime;
    • supports the increase in the number of workplaces by activating another basic license;
    • license transfer to other equipment is supported;
    • can be activated, or transferred to another PC only in its entirety - partial activation on several computers is not supported;
  • Home – Home license for 2 workplaces for a period of 1 year:
    • is an annual subscription, i.e. to continue using after 1 year, you will need to purchase a new basic or home license;
    • supports only 2 workplaces and cannot be expanded to more places;
    • Since version 2.28, it can be deactivated and transferred to another PC;

After activating the license key, it is attached to the HWID of the equipment and this information is stored on the activation server. In the future, the license key can only be used on the PC on which it was activated, and in order to restore the license (for example, after reinstalling Windows), it is enough to activate ASTER with the same key.

HWID consists of serial numbers of HDD 1) and CPU, any other equipment can be changed without loss of license.

Using the deactivation procedure, you can transfer the license to other equipment​​​​​​​. 2)

To increase the number of workplaces, you need to additionally activate one or several Pro licenses on the PC, while the number of added seats will be equal to the sum of the indices in the license name, but not more than 12​​​​​​​. For example, to add 5 workplaces you need to activate the licenses Pro-2 + Pro-3.​​​​​​​

1) HDD or SSD on which Windows is installed

2) for example, to a new PC, or to replace the HDD / CPU​​​​​​​